PROQUIP, S.A. operates as a chemical products producer and distributor for the general industry, with special importance in tanning and waste water treatment, also providing research and technical advice to our customers.

PROQUIP's philosophy is to devote effort and all necessary resources to ensure its products' quality and satisfy its customers' needs. It is based on two fundamental pillars: excellence on the orders management and technical advice to our customers trough highly skilled personnel.

To ensure the above mentioned excellence, PROQUIP's managers follow an established Quality Policy based on the following principles:

  • Conform legal, regulatory, contractual and other type requirements which affect the activity of products and services.
  • Ensure our activity's management is constantly improving trough effective control procedures such as subjecting our business to periodic objective review.
  • Promote the understanding and dusseminate our Quality Policy, in and out of the organisation, trough staff training and communication to customers and suppliers.
  • Improving a nurturing working enviorment performing activities that reinforce interpersonal relations, team working and healthy habits.

All engagements subscribed by PROQUIP, S.A. have as goal its customers total satisfaction through the fulfilment of the UNE - EN ISO 9001 International Regulation requirements, based on a Management Quality System that ensures the continuous improvement with the goal of consolidating and growing the company's place in the market.