PROQUIP, S.A. defines their strategy in two basic directions:

  • The quality of all our catalogue products.
  • The customer's service through quick delivering of goods and our technical advice.

This strategy allows us to develop and consolidate inside the chemical good products sector. Our service vocation is extended to the international market and our present efforts are aimed at increasing our presence in the leather-producing countries.


Nowadays our installations are situed in Vilanova del Camí (Barcelona) and are larger than 20.000 m2 consisting of warehouses, offices and laboratories. The equipment is renewed periodically to adapt to current chemical product warehousing laws and to the labour risk prevention laws. The spacious warehouses of PROQUIP, S.A. allow the guarantee of immediate service to our customers trough permanent stock.


We have our own fleet of trucks that guarantee a safe and professional transport in minimum delivery time in accordance with the laws referring to transport of dangerous goods on the roadways. We have logistic deals with international companies wich guarantee a quick and reliable service all around the world.


PROQUIP, S.A. was founded in 1979, basing our activity from the beginning in the distribution and fabrication of chemical products for the industry in general and developing a specific division for the leather sector.


We have a wide catalogue of approximately 1000 chemical product registers, with regular stocks for covering all the necessities of the different industrial sectors.
Our high versatility allows us to supply chemical products in the widest range of packages, from the samllest formats until complete tankers and containers.
We are specialist in designing and producing formulations, dissolutions and blends adapted for our costumers necessities.


Our genereal headquarters are located in Igualada, a leather-producing localiti with high tradition in Spain. This proximity instils us form our beginnings a vocation of service for this sector, creating a specific division specialized for this industry.

The PROQUIP, S.A., market evolution has allowed significant international firms to have confidence in us as exclusive distributors of their products for leather.

Chronologically, the collaborations were the following:

  • 1992: Stockhausen (Germany)
  • 1995: Röhm (Germany)
  • 1998: TFL (Germany)

After this stage, PROQUIP, S.A. changed their representations in Spain, that nowadays are the following firms:

  • 1998: Seta (Brazil)
  • 2003: Lamberti (Italy). Leader Company in the chemicals specialities sector. The leather division is one of its main business unities. It has specialized service centres, like Unichem in Arzignano or Job in Santa Croce (Italy).

PROQUIP, S.A. is taking part of a significant firm from the sector: Industries Químicas Olivé, S.A. (Valls, Alt Camp), who produces chrome-tanning agents.

Nowadays we have several laboratories: for analysis, for tanning, application and for finishing, perfectly equipped for any assay, from the beam house to the finishing. These laboratories are opened to our customers for all their investigations.

Our technical team is very complete and high experienced. It is consisted of specialists in cattle leather, small leather, double face, in dyeing and in finishing. The are available for advising in applications, in the resolution of problems or in investigations for the innovation.

Our leather products catalogue is formed by a complete selection of chemical specialities and it covers all the leather production phases: Beam house, Tanning, Fatliquiring, Retanning, Dyeing, Auxiliaries and Finishing.

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PROQUIP, S.A., has developed a technical product departament for the waste water treatment. In agreement with the recognized company of the sector, LABORATORI DR. BORRELL, S.L. combining its huge experience in the management of water purifiers with our experience in the manufacture and chemicals distribution, we can offer a complete service to the client in front of its necessities in the residual water purification.

We have designed a complete catalogue for the physical-chemical and biological treatment of the industrial waste water.

Our product list includes from classic base chemicals for coagulation or regulation of pH to innovating developed specialties to solve problems of flocculation, decolouration, elmination of heavy metals, phosphorus or nitrogen and absorbents. Specifically for the biological treatment a complete rank of nutriens has been created, bacterial supports, bulking agents, antifoaming agents, absorbents and toxicity stabilizers.

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