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Distribution of chemical products

We have a wide catalogue of approximately 1000 chemical product registers, with regular stocks to cover the needs of different industrial sectors.

Our wide versatility allows us to supply our products with the widest range of packaging, ranging from small formats to full cisterns and trucks and with the concentration, mixture and labelling requested by the client.

Our quality department is in charge of, certifying the agreed specifications for each of the supplies.

A safe and professional transport with our own trucking fleet

PROQUIP, S.A., has its own trucking fleet with a total of 12 heavy vehicles and drivers for the transport of dangerous goods, all certified with ADR.

We cover regular services to the Balearic and Canary Islands. We have logistics agreements with international companies who guarantee a fast and reliable service worldwide.

Our services

Product development

We are constantly creating new products, always with the aim to improve, whether that be in sustainability, safety, the reduction of processes, improvement of results, or cost reduction. None of our objectives can be fulfilled without adhering to the first and second points.

These products can be exclusive and tailored to the needs of our clients after having studied their case in depth, or they may be suggested after detecting a need in the market by our technical and commercial team, to offer them in our speciality catalogues.


Laboratories for analysis, application of tanning and finishes.

Technical department of products for wastewater treatment.

Technical products specialties of tanning

Our company is based next to Igualada (Barcelona), a historically textile-producing city. This proximity inspired us from the beginning to serve this sector, and as such we have a specialised division within the company set up for this purpose.

The evolution of the PROQUIP, S.A. in the market has allowed important international companies to trust us as exclusive distributors of their products intended for leather.

Chronologically, our collaborations have included the following:

  • 1992: Stockhausen (Germany)
  • 1995: Röhm (Germany)
  • 1998: TFL (Germany)

After this stage, PROQUIP, S.A. changed its representations in Spain, and are currently with the following firms:

  • 1998: SETA (Brazil), producer of Mimosa extracts
  • 2003: LAMBERTI (Italy). Leading company in the chemical specialties sector. It has specialised service centres, such as Unichem in Arzignano and Job in Santa Croce.
  • 2017: SCRD (France), producers of vegetable extracts and formulations for tanning.

PROQUIP, S.A. is shareholder in a distinguished company within the sector: Industrias Químicas Olivé, S.L. (Tarragona), which specialises in producing chrome.

We currently have a several laboratories for the analysis and application of leather, perfectly equipped for tests from the wet phase to leather finishing. This laboratories are open to all our clients for their research activities.

Our technical team is very complete and has extensive experience. It is made up of specialists in cowhide, small skin, double face, and dyes. Our specialists are readily available to offer advice to our clients on applications, how to solve any problems which may occur, or help out with their innovation research.

Our tanning catalogue is made up of a complete selection of chemical specialities and encompasses all stages of skin production: Soaking, Bating, Pretanning, Tanning, Fatting, Retaninng, Dyeing, Auxiliary and Finishing.

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Product catalogue

Products for tanning

Download technical sheets from all Tanning products catalogue at the following link:

Download Catalogue
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Chemical products for water treatment

PROQUIP, S.A. has developed a technical department of products for wastewater treatment.

We offer expert advice to our clients working in the laboratory on how to treat their wastewater and, according to their facilities, we propose the most efficient and ecological treatment possible. We solve specific problems so that our clients can comply with the established legal parameters or reduce the costs of watse treatment.

By merging the extensive exerience in the management of tratment plants of one of the sector’s most renowned companies, LABORATORIO DR. BORRELL, S.L. with our activity in the manufacturing and distribution of chemical products, we can offer a complete service to our clients in response to their needs in wastewater tratment.

We have designed a complete catalogue for the pysical, chemical and biological treatment or industrial treatment plants, which we are constantly improving on to reduce their enviornmental impact and heighten their efficiency.

Our list of products ranges from the classic base chemistry products by coagulation or pH regulation, to innovative specialities developed to solve problems related to flocculation, discolouration, removal of heavy metals, phosphorous or nitrigen, and chemical absorbents.

Specifically for biological treatment, a complete range of nutrients, bacterial supports, adjuvants, antifoams and toxicity stabilizers have been created.

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The vast majority of industrial processes, at some point use chemical products. Some of the most common sectors are:

  • Agriculture
  • Human, animal and plant food
  • Automotive and Aeronautics
  • Cosmetics and perfumery
  • Tanning and footwear
  • Pharmacy
  • Hygiene and detergency
  • Metallurgical, lacquers and metal treatments
  • Paints, glues and coatings
  • Paper and paperboard
  • Cork
  • Textile
  • Water treatment
Product catalogue

Chemical products for water treatment

Download the catalogue in PDF version of Chemical products for water treatment from PROQUIP, S.A. using the following link:

Download catalogue


International market

We supply industrial chemical products and formulations for our catalogues around the globe thanks to the distributors and partners we have in each region. Our flexibility allows us also to create and manufacture customised products for orders differentiated by areas. In both cases we provide a fast delivery that allows us to offer an agile service worldwide.